Young People on the Moving On program are not subject to formal rules, however there are expectations that the staff of Moving On and society have of them. These rules the Young People are expected to adhere to. However, as with most people, the Young People will not always find these expectations easy and may sometimes breach them or abuse them. If these expectations are infringed then the Young Person can consult their outreach worker who will help, advise and guide them on how to resolve the problem and or make the appropriate reparation.

What we expect…

  • The Young Person will have due consideration for others with regard to noise, nuisance and mess.
  • The Young Person will make their best efforts to actively take part in their Moving On care package (including attending meetings with their outreach worker).
  • The Young Person will keep appointments, but where this is not possible will make sure that apologies are sent and received.
  • The Young Person will strive NOT to break the law.
  • The Young Person will try to manage their anger and control outbursts of physical or verbal aggression, they will treat others as they would wish to be treated themselves.
  • The Young Person will endeavour to be as honest, reliable and trustworthy as possible.
  • The Young Person will try to manage their finances and attempt not to get into debt and refrain from lending either themselves or to others.
  • The Young Person will abide by both their placement and the tenancy agreement.
  • It is the responsibility of the Young Person to inform their outreach worker of any changes in circumstances or any emotional issues in order that the outreach worker can help to provide a comprehensive care package and can provide all the help and support necessary.
  • Moving On will actively encourage young people on the program to be involved in education, training or employment and enrol young people onto our AQA program.