AQA Education and Training

Moving On is a registered Unit Award Scheme training centre and will be offering a selection of AQA units, predominantly in independent living skills, to all people on the project. The units are entry level qualifications, so accessible to all, and will provide an opportunity to accredit some of the knowledge and skills young people will acquire throughout their placement. AQA is a flexible learning scheme which is included in the National Framework of Awards in Non-Formal Educational Settings. Training will be offered in a one to one setting and we believe this will help to increase engagement and participation in education and training, thus improving self-esteem and motivation. The AQA can be especially useful for supporting those young people who are ‘NEET’ to help build up a portfolio of certificates and Letter of Credit to present to prospective employers or training providers. Once these core units have been successfully completed there will be the opportunity to study for more and/or progress on to Level 1. Information from these units can also be utilised to contribute to Pathway Plans.

Some of the units we will cover are:

  • Introduction to Semi-Independent Living
  • Support Networks in a New Area
  • Fire Safety at Home
  • Basic Kitchen Hygiene & Safety
  • Basic Cookery Skills
  • Basic Household Cleaning
  • General Home Maintenance
  • Safety in the Home
  • Completing Application Forms & Compiling a CV
  • Finding Accommodation using the Choice Based Letting Scheme
  • Tenancy Finance and Budgeting

Young people will be encouraged to look through additional units that are available and to complete those that they are interested in or that are relevant to them.